OuiShare Fest 14 has ended

Olivier Pastor

Université du Nous
Chambéry, France
The We University (L’Université du Nous) is a lab in which we experiment new forms of organisations and hack existing ones (sociocracy, holacracy ®, etc.). We test them within our organisation to explore the means for better cooperation and collaboration, and then accompany transition organisations to develop their shared governance practices.

To rethink one’s governance, is to question one’s relation to power : how to share it and work with it. Laying the grounds for shared governance questions our behaviour on a collective and personal level.

We love to share what we have learned and what we do. We also love to discover what you have explored ! (Christophe Grandfils and I are both here for the 3 days. Let’s meet !)

#governance #facilitation #cooperatives #change #share #collectiveintelligence